Catch A Crab Coloring Page!

My son holding a sand crab he caught on Surside beach.Get that camera outa my face!

They scurry by you on the beach.  They pinch your toes in the shallows.  Here's your chance to get even.  Eye 'em and then dye 'em!

Grab a crab coloring page.  Pick your favorite then pigment it with abandon. 

Try painting a smile on the ol' sourpuss!  That'll make him cross.

Or better yet draw him swimming in butter.  Or...  Too much? 

Sorry,  I guess I've been in one too many crabby situations.  Years of fighting these feisty fellas has taken a toll on me.  Ever tried to extricate a crab that's clamped his claw shut?

Curse you, crazy crustaceans!  ;)

How to Get Your Free Printable Coloring Page

Ready to color?  Click on the black and white drawing. You'll need a pdf reader to open the coloring page.  Look for the printer icon on the right side(top) of the page. Click on the icon.

Don't have a pdf reader?  Get one free by clicking on the Adobe Acrobat link below.

Ghost Crab

Yep, that's the speedy little demon that haunts many beaches.  Thanks to my son's slightly speedier reflexes he was able to capture the beast.

Not only are these guys fast they can change color. Tricky!

Then my clever son quickly snapped his picture.

Ghost crab coloring page derived from my own photograph taken at Surside Beach, Texas.
Ghost crab drawing.

As you can see this fellow won't be added to the pot!  Too scrawny and who knows if it's edible anyway.

So now you can enjoy your crab coloring page knowing the dude with tude is in a better mood.  He's scuttled back to his burrow instead of ending up on my plate.

Kelp Crab Coloring Page

Probably won't have to worry about doing battle on the beach with this guy.  He's known as a graceful kelp crab. 

He likes to hangout in kelp (surprise, bet you didn't see that coming!), eel grass or on pier pilings.

How do you like his decoration/disguise?  He's put some plant parts on him to blend in better.  Clever, eh?

Graceful Kelp Crab derived from a Noaa photo on Wikimedia.
My kelp crab drawing colored in..Bring it on!

He's a bit drab.  So if you decide to color him, get creative.   Or maybe go for realism like I did, sorta of. 

Yellowline Arrow Crab

This crab prefers to dwell on or around coral reefs in the Atlantic.  He's a bit of a night owl.  Hides during the day and forages at night.

Yellowline arrow crab picture derived from a NOAA photo on Wikimedia.
Arrow crab drawing.

The yellowline arrow crab is too tiny to be eaten by humans. 

But some people enjoy keeping him in their aquariums. He's said to be interesting to watch.  Plus he helps keep the bottom tidy by eating bits off of it.

Horseshoe Crabs

These strange looking creatures have been around for hundreds of millions of years.  And they look like it!  Hope you get a chance to see them like I did.

Oddly enough, they are incorrectly named.  Not true members of the crab family but they hang out in some of the same spots.

So here are some horseshoe crab coloring pages for you to enjoy.

Oh, look there's been a 15 crab pile up on the beach!  Must have been foggy or something.  Choose the crowd or...

Horseshoe crabs piled up in shallow water coloring page derived from US Fish and Wildlife Service photo posted on Wikimedia.
Horseshoe crab pile up drawing colored in.

You can color this sad fellow who has no friends to frolic on the beach with.

Horseshoe crab on beach coloring drawing derived from US Fish and Wildlife Service posted on Wikimedia.
Horseshoe crab on beach drawing colored in.

FYI: These horseshoe crabs are eaten in some parts of the world.  Check out this salad.  Does that photo make your mouth water?

Hermit Crab

This crab's home has its own security system.  Anemones help keep the bad guys from biting!

Hermit crab with an anemone attached to its shell.
Colored in line drawing of a crab with an anemone on its shell.You wanna go all the way up there?

Hermit crabs are crafty crustaceans.  They take over discarded shells to protect their soft bodies.  But they need to find larger shells as they grow.

So sometimes they end up waiting in line for the perfect fit. 

Crabs, largest to smallest, wait next to a large shell.  When that shell is claimed, the biggest crab in line takes the newly discarded shell.  Its shell is then claimed by the next biggest crab etc.

Sometimes the hermits take direct action!  The crabs attack and evict a bigger one and take its shell.

When shells run short a crab just has to grab whatever fits! 

There were other videos of crabs making their homes in bottle tops. :(

Ok, so maybe I've been a little too hard on these guys.  If my job was to keep the ocean clean by eating off its floor, I guess I'd be a bit cranky too. Kudos, crabs for doing such a thankless job!

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Crab facts sources: Wikipedia, ADW University of Michigan Museum of Zoology website

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