Zoo Coloring Pages: Animal Art

Polar Bear Swimming.

Remember visiting the zoo?  Lots of fun, right?  Well, zoo coloring pages can take you back there.

For free!  No crowd, no smell, no time constraints and no bite it took out of your budget!

Wonder around at your leisure.  Relax. Visit every exhibit. 

Then before you leave pick up a souvenir.  Print out some animal art to take home and color.

How to Get Your Free Printable Coloring Page

Ready to color?    Left click on a coloring page and drag it to paint3d or similar.  Color then print .   OR...

Click on the black and white drawing. You'll need a pdf reader to open the coloring page.  Look for the printer icon on the right side(top) of the page. Click on the icon.

Don't have a pdf reader?  Get one free by clicking on the Adobe Acrobat link below.

Zoo Coloring Pages

Why do we love to visit the zoo?  The animals, of course!  The landscaping is nice.  There may be other fun attractions.

But the critters draw the crowds!  So here they are (a few now, more later).  Drawings you can turn into your very own zoo color pages.  Enjoy!


I snapped this giraffe's pic at the Rio Grande Zoo in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

Unfortunately, it blends in with the background a little too well!  I think it went ninja on me.

Here's a preview of what your coloring picture might look like.  I used photo shop to fill in its patches/spots.

Giraffe colored.


This fine fella' is a Magellanic penguin from South America.    According to thetoptens.com, penguins are the most popular zoo animal.

Idk about that, but I bet this guy would agree!

Magellanic penguin coloring page.


Are these Aoudad goats?  They come from North Africa. Now they are in Europe and North America.

Barbary sheep is another name for them.  But genes don't lie.  These guys are related to wild goats. (britannica.com)

Wild goat-like animals on display at the zoo.

Red Panda

The red panda is a hard to classify guy, according to the Smithsonian's zoo site.  Once considered part of the racoon family, then moved to the bear family.  Now it looks like they are in their own unique family!

Closest living relatives are raccoons and skunks. 

No pretext on this panda's part.  HE'S BORED!

Red Panda relaxing on a branch.

Palm Pit Viper

These guys like to lay low in the vegetation waiting to put the bite on something.  If your ever wondering around Central America, watch your step!

Enjoy them in the zoo like I do.  I stay our of their home and hope they return the favor!

Palm pit viper coiled on a branch.


Be very, very, careful!  The black rhinoceros is know for ramming almost anything, even inanimate objects.

He's got his eye on you, so you know what to do!  At least i hope you do.  :]

Black rhino safe in the zoo.

Lion Zoo Coloring Pages

King of the Jungle napping with one eye open.  Nice kitty, kitty!  Looks cuddly, but you know what they say about looks(they can be deceiving), right?

Resist the urge to pet the kitty, if you value your arm/life!

Lethargic lion.
Lion eating breakfast.

DON'T even think about messing with a lion enjoying his breakfast, unless you wanna be his lunch!


Hungry for a bowl of meerkat?  Me neither!  Looks like he knows that.  Safe in the zoo from snakes, jackals and us.

So he can really get into his food and not someone else's!

Now you can get into zoo coloring pages of this guy or others.

Meerkat in a bowl at the zoo.


Crocodile at the zoo.

It's hard to tell from the photo, but that's a 15 foot crocodile!  That massive beast was perched right near the railing. Smiling...

I think our leathery leviathan was hoping that a clumsy tourist would drop in for lunch.

Sichuan or Tibetan Takin

A large goat antelope (lpzoo.org).  The guy right there.  That's what I'm talking about, a takin (pronounced  “tock-in” according to zoo.sandiegozoo.org). 

If you didn't recognize this animal don't feel bad.  Not many people do.

Tibetan takin in the zoo.

Gorilla Your Dreams

Saw this guy in the Albuquerque BioPark zoo.  Apparently he saw us.  Maybe he was silently appealing for a banana?  ;)

Wild gorillas don't eat them but in the zoo they do. (Quora)

Gorilla staring at the crowd.

Elephants Reaching for Peanuts

Elephants reaching for peanuts.

Polar Bear

Drawing of a polar bear.

I kinda get the feeling that this huge polar bear was looking for a tasty snack too!  Or maybe just a fun pool toy?    Not surprisingly, there were no volunteers in the crowd.

Pangolin Picture to Color 

Here's an odd creature.  Unfortunately, they are in trouble.  Too many people have a fondness for their parts.

Pangolin wrapped around a tree branch.


This puma is enjoying his furry breakfast.  The furry breakfast is probably not enjoying the puma. :(   Circle of Life and such.

Puma chowing down.

Palm Cockatoo

Simple drawing of a palm cockatoo.

Now that's a beautiful bird!  Those bright red cheeks really stand out against its dark gray feathers. 

Be sure to admire it from a distance.  It's powerful beak can crack nuts.  So don't offer it a finger to perch on!


Look carefully.  There's more than one okapi to copy and color.

An adult okapi with young beside it.


The zoo is where most of us go to see this majestic creature.    We're lucky to have them there.  But...

Travel, if you can, to Yellowstone or Rocky Mountain National Park and see them in their natural habitat!  Check out the elk pics from my trip.  Someday you may take your own!

Elk posing.

Tiger Coloring Pages

A Tiger Licking Another Tiger.

The majestic tiger is the biggest cat currently walking the planet.  But for how much longer?  

This awesome beast (personal favorite!) is endangered due to territory loss.  Hope the zoo won't be the last place left for you. 

Click on the pic to see more tiger coloring pictures!



Black and white drawing of a serval.

This serval is one strange cat. 

She has a long thin body with long legs. But her head is rather small. Makes her look slightly odd.

But her coat has an interesting pattern, doesn't it?  How many cats have both stripes and spots?

She's a unique little beauty!

Have You Created a Masterpiece?

Did you take a dull coloring page and turn into an awesome work of art? Are you bursting with pride?

Why not share it here? You could include any special coloring techniques you used.

Sorry to say that's all the zoo coloring pages for today.  But there will be more animal art to satisfy your craving soon.  So drop back by.

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