Horse Coloring Pages: Real Ponies From Real Picts

Brown horse.

All types of horse coloring pages.  Standing, running, working...horsing around (you knew it was coming!),  captured on film then translated into a simple drawing.

Did you wish for colt as a kid? I did.  Now you can have your own painted pony from my herd.  Take a look.  Pick your favorite.  Then...

Make your dream come true, forgive your parents!  Move on.   ;)   Have that horse.  It's not too late.

Grab the reins.  Let go of the stress.  Don't repress. Trot off to a happier place astride your therapy horse!

Remember: Life looks better from atop a horse.

Gypsy Horse

Horses come in many colors and sizes.

This fascinating beast is now know for its leg feathering.  That's the long hair which covers its hooves.

Around 1850, these horses were used by the Romanichal peoples of the British Isles to pull their mobile homes.  Those now classic gypsy  wagons. 

After World War II, they further developed the breed into what we see today.

So if you've ever dreamed of roaming the countryside in your wagon/home, you'll need one of these beauties to pull it!  Perfect tiny house, right?

Draft/Draught House

Not as showy as a Gypsy Vanner, but this fella is a hard worker too.  He's sturdy built to pull heavy loads.

Wagons, mowers, boats... this guy can tote!


A fine spotted horse whose coat pattern can be seen in cave paintings of ancient horses.

The Appaloosa was developed hundreds of years ago by the Nez Perce.  Their breed is very popular in the United States today.

She's a real beaut'.  Makes me think of the wide open west.  Ready to hit the trail?

Tiny Horse

This is Thumbelina, the world's smallest horse, owned by Paul and Kay Goessling. She weighs only 57 pounds!

A full size horse weighs in around 800 pounds or more.  You may have owned a dog heavier than her!

Thumbelina is so tiny because she's a dwarf miniature horse.  The tiniest of the tiny!  But she's a full size coloring page.


These horses are believed to be the wildish kin of ancient horses domesticated by the Botai thousands of years ago.  Recently, they have been returned their Mongolian homeland.

This guy kinda has a zebra look to it, don't you think?

Performing Horse Coloring Pages

Don't know what type of horse this is?  Do you?  Help me out, please.

She's pretty amazing, though.  Performing a bow without a rider to guide her.

Never had the pleasure of owning a horse.  But I have enjoyed riding a beast upon occasion.  I bet you have too.

It's always an experience, right? 

Usually it's lots of fun.  Except for the time the horse scraped me off it's back by walking under a very low hanging branch.  Ouch!  But I got right back in that saddle.

Have any horseback tales you'd like to share?

Horse coloring pages is all about the love of horses.  So drop back in sometime and sit a spell!


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