Dragon Coloring Pages: Wyverns or Basilisks?

Rub-a-dub-dub a dragon in a tub? Or is it a basilisk in a barrel?

Dragon in a tub?  Magical, mythical monsters need a break.  Dragon coloring pages are a great place for you to take a break!

Jump in and soak.  Take a lingering look at these bad beasties.  Then color one from the east, or a basilisk breathing fire or fighting a knight or maybe a wily wyvern!

Winged Dragons

Not all dragons have wings but these guys do!  Here are the airborne baddies that swoop you off your feet.

Maybe they're taking you for a ride or maybe for dinner.

Fire breathing wyvern.
Scaly, toothy winged dragon.
Dragon guarding a bridge in Slovenia.

This terrifying beast guards a bridge over a river in Slovenia.  Would you have the intestinal fortitude to challenge him?

You can find many photos of him on Wikimedia, if you dare to gaze upon him!

Saint George battling a mighty dragon.

Here's Saint George vanquishing a tiresome beast that was ruining the neighborhood.

Down below him is a closeup of the woeful wyvern.

Closeup of a ferocious dragon attacking a knight.
Angry dragon or wyvern?
Dragon cooling off in a tub.

Chinese Dragon Coloring Pages

Here are some creatures from the Chinese culture.  As you can see they differ from western critters.  They have four legs, no wings and are snakeish.

The first  dragon is guarding a pearl that the young man desires.  Will he be able to snatch it without waking the beast?

The other is just the sleeping beastie in case you want to add your own background.

Sleeping dragon guarding a precious pearl.
Sleeping Chinese dragon.
Two dragons nose-to-nose over a treasure.

These two guys are nose-to-nose because they can't see eye-to-eye.    That thing in-between them must be valuable.  Cause they ain't budging a bit!

Assorted Dragon Coloring Pages

Here's my idea of a fierce dragon!  He's the only original one on the page.   The rest are derived from photos on Wikimedia.

You may recognize the spaceship.  It's  SpaceX's reusable vehicle, known as the Dragon capsule!  Check out the head on its front.

Dangerous dragon head.
SpaceX's reusable capsule with a dragon's head on it.
Fire breathing wyvern head.

This guy's so angry he's spitting fire!  Hope I don't run into him, yikes.

Dragon's teeth tank barriers from World War 2.

These are concrete barriers that were used in World War 2 to impede tank attacks.    They are known as dragon's teeth!    Many still exist today.

There's no use draggin' this out any longer!  That's all the dragons I've got, for now.  There will be more in the future so come back and check.

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