Expedition Mermaid: Coloring Pages

Drawing of a mermaid playing the harp and singing.

A few months ago, Alexis  from Australia requested that I add mermaid coloring pages to my site.

Well, since my coloring pics are taken from photos(like the one above), her request was a bit difficult to grant.  So I gave it some thought, didn't want to disappoint!

The obvious solution?  Grab my phone and head to Galveston!   Pirates used to hang out there.   Why not mermaids?

Sea Nymph Search Begins

So I boarded a ferry and began searching for the elusive sea nymphs!

Seawolf Park Galveston,Texas.Prime mermaid territory!

The first promising site was Seawolf Park.   Look at that rocky shoreline! 

I was expecting to find her.

Drawing of a mermaid sitting on a rock.

How many self-respecting merpersons could pass up that prime spot?

All of them, apparently! :(


Onward...across the bay to the landing at Bolivar.  Suddenly, I spotted some splashing off the bow of the boat. 

This could be it!  Aimed my camera, snapped a photo...instant digital disappointment.

Pelicans in the water.

It was nothing but a bunch of playful pelicans pranking me.  

Ugh!   I wasn't giving up yet though.  Couldn't let Alexis or you down!

So I checked out the beach next.  Figured a mermaid couldn't resist frolicking with the fish in the surf.

Drawing of a mermaid playing with a fish in the surf.

Nope! None in sight.   Surely, the return ferry trip would yield results.

Mermaid Sighting???

And that's when I spotted this!  Don't tell me you don't see it.  It's that dark, blurry thing in the distance!

Could it be?  Yes, yes I think she's waiving at me!  Yippee, a sea siren, at last!!!  ...or...not

Unidentified sea creature.

I just couldn't be sure until she came closer to the ferry. 

Dolphin surfacing.

Then she did...and I discovered she was a dolphin! 

Very cool creature but not what I was seeking. 

My expedition was a failure! 

I was sunburned and sad. 

No mermaid coloring pages would be possible now.  :(

Or so I thought until I found these in my inbox!!!!  :)

Mermaid Coloring Pages

Yay!  My awesome daughter and her eldest daughter drew these for us.  Thanks Rayray T.!

They inspired me to try my hand.

My picture is derived from this photo on Wikimedia.

Had so much fun doing that picture that I decided to do another!

This one was created from a drawing by Mr. Church.

Little Mermaid costume from 1887.

Here's another adult coloring page for your enjoyment.  This one is based on a costume design for a Mardi Gras Krewe Little Mermaid Proteus 1887.


Drawing of a Medieval merman hanging onto a plant.

This interesting merman picture is from a photo of Medieval art.  Looks like he has his tail wrapped around a plant then runs up his back. 

Here he is without his tail.

Merman drawing for coloring fun.

If you want your own copy, click on the pics. 

Right now!  Hurry before they swim away!

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