Public Domain Photos

I took these.  Now I am placing them in the Public Domain.  Photos I hope you enjoy.

Click on the pic for a larger file size.  A few will not have larger files because I accidentally overwrote them :(.

Some photos have been made into coloring pages.  So check those out if your feeling artistic!

  The photos on this page are free to use, no permission needed.

  Crediting me is not required but would be greatly appreciated.

   Do not use any of these photos for commercial purposes without first obtaining permission from the      owner(s) of any business, building or product that appears in the photo. 

My Zoo Photos

My Public Domain Photos of Flowers

My Monarchs and Milkweed

Monarch Life Cycle My Yard

My Travels

Crater Lake Oregon

My Backyard Visitors

More public domain photos will be added to this page.  Check back. 

Be sure to enjoy a coloring page or two while your waiting!

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