Public Domain Photos

Collage of my Public Domain photos.

I took these.  Now I am making them Public Domain photos for you to use. 

These snapshots of beautiful or interesting animals and places I've visited might be right for your project.

Take a look and see!  Remember no permission is needed to use these even for commercial purposes.

Some photos have been made into coloring pages. So check those out if your feeling artistic!

  The photos on this page are free to use, no permission needed.

  Crediting me is not required but would be greatly appreciated. (Simply copy and paste...Photo Source: )

   Do not use any of these photos for commercial purposes without first obtaining permission from the  owner(s) of any business, building, or product that appears in the photo. 

Simply right-click the image and save to your computer!

My Zoo Photos

My Public Domain Photos of Flowers

My Monarchs and Milkweed

Monarch Life Cycle My Yard

My Travel Photos

Crater Lake Oregon


 Yellowstone Park Images- click on the picture to see my page.  Lots of great pictures of the park that are Public Domain.  You'll see geysers, hot springs, elk, buffalo, flowers and more.  It's like a quick trip to Yellowstone!

Nature Picture with Animals: My Backyard Visitors

Nature Pictures with Animals-come on over and  see more snakes like this guy. See what visits me...uninvited usually.  You don't want to miss my photos of alligators. 

Hope your backyard visitors are less scaly than mine!

More public domain photos will be added to this page.  Or more pages of photos will be created like my Yellowstone page (don't miss it!).  Be sure to check back. 

Why not enjoy a coloring page or two while your waiting!

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