Easy Coloring Pages for Adults and Kids...Effortless Fun!

Don't dig details?  Easy coloring pages for adults and kids has what you need.  Images big on fun, simple to color...relaxing.

Frogs, dogs, pumpkins, unicorns, ladybugs, flowers and more.  Perfect for your inner child or your restless kid(s)!  No annoying details to stress over.

C'mon you know you need some effortless fun.

Frog Coloring Pages

Fun frog pages,  Some simple, some silly but all for you.


Here's a few pumpkins you can color for fun!  Actually, it's mostly the same pumpkin by itself or with two different types of birds.

Plus a couple of Halloween pumpkin lights.  Don't worry...they're friendly!  But they need you to make them shine.

Simply Cute Dog Coloring Pages

Cartoonish, crazy cute pooches have invaded the easy page for your pleasure!


Ladybugs! Or ladybirds?  Who doesn't love them...aphids that's who!  Here's a few you can bring to life.

Be creative!  You can color them any color you like.  The hue is up to you.

The first one is on a flower.  That second guy is looking a little lazy, right?  Laying on a leaf like he has nothing to do. The third one could be the daddy and the fourth the mom with the babies!  You could paint their portraits.

I just got back from Mount Etna... way up high... what did I see fly in the sky?  Ladybugs!  Lots and lots of the cute little bugs giving the volcano a grateful hug.


Cute little unicorns. But what's that bringing up the rear?  Why it's a unicat, my dear!

Nope me neither.  That's why I included it here.  The uni-verse is full of one-horn wonders.  Stick a horn on your head and join in (be careful, of course, parental approval recommended)!


Look at that sunny sun rise.  I bet you weren't expecting a sunflower sun...surprise!

Just below that look and you'll see a giant bell flower drawn by me!


Check out these princesses of two different types.  One's a grown lady, the other a cut little tyke!

Easy Coloring Pages of Birds

Birds, birds there are no words that capture their beauty! 

What's more beautiful than a family of turkeys?  Maybe a family of penguins on ice flow?

Or a parrot on a branch or an owl on a stump perchance?

I'm afraid you'll have to choose.


A random selection, I must admit, but it was all I could get! 

A nice closeup of a giraffe's face, two quolls from Tasmania, and a running rabbit.


Just a few simple sailboats to color.  The first fairly modern, the others more ancient in design.


Last but not least we come to the random!  A dragon with a flower or is it a dinosaur and a horn with a crown in the middle???  Whaaat?  I don't know, I just liked them.  Hope you will too!

So there you have my crazy collection of easy coloring pages for adults or kids!  Never fear there will be more.

But please be patient.  I am a website of one!

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