Color Fantastic Beasts!

Fantastic beasts reside in our imaginations.  Spring the brutes from the shadows of our minds.

Color them to life!   Magical creatures like dragons, chimeras, unicorns and more await you.  So do dinosaurs!

Why include dinos?    Well, can you picture a creature more fantastic? 

Sure, we have some bones that prove they once existed.   But now they exist only in our minds.  And on my page!


So you like dragons.  You're not alone. 

Come check them out and color a few.

You'll find scary fire-breathing dragons.   Friendly fellows(or is he?) like the guy in the tub. 

Even some from China and a space capsule.  What more could you more.  See ya there!

Not a fan of fire-breathing fantastic beasts?  Well, maybe you prefer the one-horned hoofed type.  They've been with us for millennia.  No doubt you think you know what one looks like.  But do you really?


Unicorns, perhaps the most magical and majestic of the fantastic beasts.  These mostly gentle creatures with dangerous horns are beloved.

So I know you'd love to color some!  You'll want to see them all. 

Don't be surprised to find a few more.

One-horned horse just to tame for you?  I hear ya, looking for something a little stranger.  Then just take a look at the category of coloring pages below.  Ghastly or gross maybe, unnatural definitely!

Mythic Beasts

Chimera have got to be some of the weirdest creatures ever imagined!  Don't take my word for it. 

Come take a peek at the freak parade. 

My chimera page qualifies as just that.  See some non-natural animals that you wouldn't want more

You are indeed a tough customer if the above parade of peculiar beasts didn't grab ya!  I saved the most incredible beast for last...dinosaurs.  The real deal that ought make you squeal.

Dinosaurs: The Most Fantastic Beasts!

Dinosaurs are the most fantastic of all.  Even our fertile minds can't conceive of anything more exotic

Toothed, horned and clawed creatures for you coloring pleasure.  Don't fear them have fun with them!

Take a look now.   See more

Fantastic beasts, right?  Weird and strange is an apt description, don't ya think?  Hope you enjoyed them.  Tell your friends to drop by some time.

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