Dinosaur Coloring Pages: Ancient Animal Art

Come sink your teeth into dinosaur coloring pages!  You can find some of your favorite dinos here to color.

Dinosaurs like the tyrannosaurus, allosaurus, archaeopteryx, velociraptor and more.  You'll see lots of big teeth and claws.  But don't fear there are some plant eaters here.

Meat Eating Dinosaurs


Spinosaurus attacking.

The first fossil up for your coloring pleasure is the ferocious spinosaurus.  He's the complete package!

Big teeth, big claws, spines and a horn.  Glad he's made of paper not flesh!


Velociraptors on the hunt.

Here's a couple of velociraptors going out for some fast food.  How would you like to be on their menu?  Yikes!

Imagine these guys on the prowl the next time you're visiting the arid west.  The Arizona dessert would be a deathert!

A pair of velociraptor dinosaurs.

You can draw in your own background.


Yes, that's the fine fellow at the top of the page.  Now you can color the allosaurus anyway you like.  Watch the teeth, they look a little sharp!

Allosaurus head.


This feathered fiend looked like a bird but packed a dino bite!  Wonder how he would have tasted fried?   Sadly, we'll never know.

Archaeopteryx pouncing.

T-Rex or Tyrannosaurus Rex

Good old tyrant lizard king!  Probably the world's most popular dinosaur.  Everybody recognizes this guy.

Here's your chance to color him.

Hungry tyrannosaurus.


Ceratosaurus means horn lizard according to Wikipedia.  See the horn on his head?

Looks kinda silly doesn't he?  Dragging his tail like that!  That's the old school way of depicting dinos like him and t-rex.

Research and scientific debate changed the way these dinos are drawn.  Now these guys are shown standing in a t-rex like posture.  Sure makes them look more ferocious and less comical!

Ceratosaurus standing upright dragging his tail.

Plant Eating Dinosaur Coloring Pages


The stegosaurus looks pretty friendly, right?  Till you look at that tail.  I don't suggest you try to pet him!  Color him, sure!  But don't try to approach.


Here's a couple of plant eaters that might be friendly.   What do you think?  I think those horns are a sign to stay away!

Two triceratops snacking.


Here's an inquisitive looking fellow.  Maybe he needs his neck scratched?  You go right ahead, I'll wait over here!

That's a cool crest on his head.  That crest is just calling out for some one to color it!  Shouldn't you answer the call?

Closeup of a hadrosaur's head.


You may remember this guy's big sneeze in Jurassic Park.  The good news is there's no need to pack a super-sized kleenex.     

The bad news?    According to aminoapps.com, if this guy had sneezed his head might have blown off!  The site claims the pressure from a sneeze would have been too much for him to bear.

So fear not the snot!  It's safe to color him.


Reptiles Mistaken for Dinosaurs


Yep, he's a mosasaur like that gigantic swimming beast in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.  Sure looks like a dinosaur but he was just a ferocious reptile.

These guys would sure spoil a day at the beach! 

Tylosaurus on the hunt.


Giant flying reptile that hung out in the world of dinosaurs.  Awesome, yes, dino, no.  Still worthy of a place in the dinosaur coloring pages.

Giant pterodactyl.

NOT a Dinosaur or a Reptile

This is a naosaurus.  A what you say?  He's related to dimetrodon.   Perhaps that name rings a bell?

Looks like a dino doesn't he?  Or maybe a reptile?  Yes, he looks like both but is related to neither!  Huh???

He lived long before dinosaurs.  The naosaurus went extinct 60 million years before dinosaurs evolved.

He's a closer relative to us than to any reptile that's ever existed!  (Source: https://evolution-outreach.biomedcentral.com)

He's here because he's an awesome looking creature who looks like a dino but ain't!

Noasaur side view.

That's the last of my dino pages, for now.  But unlike these fantastic beasts, I'll be back with more till I go extinct!

Hope you enjoyed these dinosaur coloring pages.

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