Boat Coloring Pages: Sailboats and More!

Ancient sailboat carving.Carving of a sailboat circa 200 A.D.

Boat coloring pages is water fun through the ages!  Now you can color wicked watercraft.

Stay home and dry and dream of your own aquatic adventure.  Color these craft however you like...maybe create your own fleet?  Money truly is no object, so get busy.

Then jump aboard your beautiful barque, weigh anchor and sail into your dreams!

Colorful Sailboats

Well, these boat coloring pages will be colorful as soon as you choose your palette.

Ancient evidence indicates that we've been sailing for centuries...about 60 centuries!  Sooooo, sailboats have undergone a few changes.  But as you can see, the basic structure has not!  High tech and handsome but still just a boat with a sail(s).

Ancient carving of a sailboat.
Maltese Falcon with sails down.

The fancy sailing yacht is the Maltese Falcon.  It's 88 meters (about 289 feet) long and super sleek. 

In case you want to charter in for a week, it will cost you a mere 440,000 dollars according to LP-LIFE.CZ   BUT, you can divide that among your 11 closest friends.  For that $40,000 each you'll get use of a submarine, two tenders with water skis and 4 sailing boats.

Quite the bargain, I think.  ;)

Ancient Boat Coloring Pages with Sails

Ancient Egyptian sailing vessel.

You think that carving above is old?  This Egyptian sailboat is from 1422-1411 B.C.  Now that's ancient! 

Imagine floating on a fancy bundle of reeds.  Such ingenuity!

Here's something a bit more modern but still old.  A Viking sailing vessel, or at least how I imagined it would look. Incredible bravery was needed to sail something like this in the open ocean.

Viking vessel with draken on the sail.

Lastly, this is sailing vessel, turned into an adult coloring page, is Russian from 1715.  That complicated rigging must have been quite a challenge.  State-of-the-art technology for a time.

Thankfully, progress has moved on!

Russian sailing vessel 1715.

Modern Sailboats

Hobie Catamaran under way.

Sailboats you may have seen or owned!  Contemporary water craft turned into boat coloring pages.  Brands of boats that may fit your budget like...Hobie, Catalina, Mirage, Tanzer, Laser or Drascombe Lugger.

Or maybe you're a Sunfish sailor?  Whatever floats your boat.  Sail on, dude!

Laser dinghy sailed by a man.

That's a Laser dinghy, a 1970's creation, designed for the weekend sailor.  It can be loaded onto a car roof since it's only 13.75 feet long and weighs 130 pounds. (Wikipedia)

Catalina 16.5 turned into a coloring page.

Here's the Catalina 16.5, for those who'd  like a little more boat between themselves and the waves(not to mention the weird sea critters below!).

Sandpiper 565 turned into a coloring page.

This is the Sandpiper 565.  The 565 is 18.6 ft long or 5.65 m, hence the numbers in the name.

Tanzer 26 displaying the Canadian flag sail.

Next up is the Tanzer 26.  It's a little over 26 feet in length and used for day sailing, club racing and cruising (Wikipedia).

The Mirage 30.

That beauty is a Mirage 30.  Well, it's an inch short of 30 feet but who's measuring.  Still looks like likes of fun, doesn't it?

The Drascombe Lugger sailboat below is said to have been modeled on the Viking longships.  It was designed in the 1960's by a retired Royal Navy officer.   Interesting, right?

Drascombe Lugger sailboat.

Threw this adult coloring picture in the mix because I liked the shape of the sail.  It's a pace ship, don't know anymore about it.  Do you?

Paceship for racing sailing boats.

Maybe it was setting the pace for the sunfish race below? ;)

Sunfish sailors racing.

Last but not least we have our Sunfish sailors racing into the sunset.  The good ol' Sunfish.  Single-person sailing for not a lot of cash!

Ok, maybe two people but the 190 pounds is the optimal weight recommendation.  Do you have a very skinny friend??? ;)

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