Christmas Cat Coloring Pages...a Disaster in Stages!

Christmas cat coloring pages presents...C.C.'s Holiday Disaster!

C.C.  knows that scarf wearing weather can mean only one thing.  Soon silver bells will ring!

It's the time of year kitty has come to fear!    It's December 1st, Christmas will soon be here!

Kitty gets a little stressed at this time of year.  He never knows whether he should be an angel or 

maybe a reindeer.

Hmmm... that decision will have to wait.  There's more than costumes needed to celebrate this fete.  Lights, a tree and decorations, you see!

There's not time to waste gotta get those lights up with haste!  From the house they must wave so Santa can bring the treats that he craves.

Kitty's hanging of the lights didn't go quite right.   Hope Rudolph can light up the night.  Or poor kitty will be a terrible sight with no Santa delivered delights to bite.

Concerned, Christmas cat knows he can't be caught without an awesome tree for all to see!   So he carefully gathers his delicate tree trimmings. 

But as he approaches the tree, he suffers a bite from a dastardly flea!  The terrible itch he tries to tune out.  Sadly, it's too great to ignore, soon the ornaments hit the floor.

Calm, cool and collected kitty carries on to decorate the tree he's selected.  A single ornament survives the disaster, so on the tree he does slap her.

Kitty gazes at his sad, sagging, sapling  not quite sure what is happening. 

He quickly realizes he needs more ornaments of different sizes!  But shopping he despises.  Not ready to quit, his teeth he does grit.

Although shopping makes him flinch, kitty realizes he can do it in a pinch!

So he dons his awesome Christmas sweater and goes shopping for something better.  Tons of tinsel, beaucoup baubles and of course a star for the tree top, till he buys them all, he won't stop!

He returns home and decorates with glee, but one little problem he does see.  How to get that star way up thar?

He thinks and he thinks but every idea stinks.  Then he remembers he's a cat!   What do cats do extraordinarily well?  Scale trees without any trouble.

So that's what he does on the double.  He places the star right thar, on the tippy top.  Then he hears a crackle and then a pop!  The noise doesn't stop.

He looks down to see he's gained a little weight and is crushing the tree!  Baubles are breaking all across the floor.  It's Christmas Eve, it's too late to buy any more!

So sad, kitty shuffles off to bed fearing his Christmas treat dream is dead.  Delusions of fish-flavored fare made his sleep almost impossible to bear.

The next morning he does rise, with a little tear in his eyes.  He creeps down the stairs to take a peep.  Did Santa find his way while he was asleep?

To his great surprise Santa has dropped by and left him a treat!  Under the tree he did spy a gift which gave his spirit a lift.

With a squeal he quickly broke the seal.  Outta the box a card did tumble, how the sight did make his tummy rumble.

T'was no ordinary card, no indeed, it was the only one he'd need.  For with it he could by a stack of his favorite snack!

He soon realizes that despite his holiday decorating disaster, Christmas came just the same.  So he will live happily ever after as long as there's no  yum yums disaster!

Stuffing his face with his holiday treat, he can't wait for a Christmas repeat!.

Christmas Cat Coloring Pages of C.C.'s Friends Celebrating the Season

Fortunately, C.C's kitty friends know how to celebrate Christmas without all the drama and disaster.

This kitty calmly peddles his way to a friend's house to deliver a gift.

Weirdly, these two cats seem to enjoy sitting in cups decorated for the Season, I can't explain their reason.

This kitty dreams of being Santa Claws or was it Santa Paws?

This kitty celebrates with a lollipop, stocking and more.

This cat likes to wear his decorated hat and snowman puppet while delivering gifts.

This jovial cat is celebrating with two snow people, imagine that!

cat with two snow peeps

This little kitty likes to wear a Santa hat while trying to spy the Old Guy!

Here's a cat who loves his candy so much he's cuddling up to it on a cold winter's night.

Last but not least she's preparing a feast.  This kitty baker rolls out tasty treats with her own feets.  Yum?!?!

Hope you enjoyed C.C.'s traumatic Christmas tail!  Maybe you found a fun page or two to color?  Here's hoping your Holiday Season goes smoother than this cat's!

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