Cute Cate Coloring Pages...
Caught in the Act!

Black cat on fan blade.

Those darn cats can do some amazing things!  Just take a look at these cute cat coloring pages.

These silly felines have been busy.  Sneaking beer, scratching records, earning top-dog status and more.  Bad kitty!

You must admit these tricky little tigers are an unending source of entertainment.  Check them out.

Crocked Cat!

Cat licking beer mug.

You snooze you lose around this tabby!  She's wasting no time licking this guy's lager.

Hope he doesn't catch her purloining his brew.   Could result in a to-do!

Is this feline sleeping one off?  Maybe.  He's certainly drained! (Bad I know, but at least it wasn't gutter humor, or was it?)

Cats do pick some interesting napping spots! 

Gutter cat.

This is Furby and Gary enjoying a little nap in the garden.  Pretty sure they were sober.  But you never really know what a couple of old pals get up to when no one's looking!

Sober or not, they do make a cute cat coloring page!

Cat and tortoise napping in garden.

Kitten in a Bowl

Did you order a bowl of kitten to go?  Looks like it's ready!

Kitten in a bowl.

Kitten with no background

Cool Cat

Cat at turntable.

I believe we have have a DJ wannabe.   Hope she doesn't use her claws when she scratches that platter.

Think she's ready to hire?

Maybe not but it makes a cute cat coloring page!

Cute Cat Coloring Pages with Dogs

Cat in dog house.

Poor puppy!  Looks a little shocked to be displaced by this controlling cat.

She looks pretty satisfied to be the top dog in this yard.  How long can she hold off the hound?

I think she will lose interest when the dinner bell rings.  I know I would. ;)

Here's a different cat tale.  This clever feline has allowed her boxer buddy the privilege of being her cozy bed!  Looks like this dog has the furball's back, too.  Nice!

Cozy cat and boxer.

Bird Brain?

Cat in the bird feeder.

Well, at least birds on the brain.  Not sure this strategy is going to work.  You know (guess she doesn't?) birds aren't blind!

If she has seeds on her tongue and holds verrrrry still...maybe.  What do you think?

Cute though, isn't it?

Puny Pumas

Here's a couple of mountain lion wannabes.  They've mastered the element of surprise requirement!

Cat on a fan.

But...I think they're a little light in the weight department.  Whew!  We humans are safe.  Birds and lizards beware!

Cat in crotch of a tree.

Cute Cat Coloring Pages: Meowlitary Veterans

I have recognized dogs for their military service on this site.   So it's only fair to give the cats their due! 

Their contribution appears to be a little less risky than the pooches but they did their part...kinda.  Seriously, they boosted morale at the very least.  And doing the very least is what cats do best!

Kittens in gun barrel.

These kittens apparently volunteered to clean the barrel of the big gun on the HMS Hawkins.  Nicely done, guys.  

So when the fur started flying part of them (the fur they left in the barrel) was in the battle!  Contribution made.

Hope you enjoyed the fabulous feats of the felines.  Come back for more meowham!

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