Fall Coloring Pages...Harvest Your Favorites!

Drawing of a bicycle in autumn with falling leaves.Grab your bike, peddle off to a fun autumn adventure!

Fall coloring pages celebrate that special time of the year we all hold dear.   Those short cool days and long nippy nights that are perfect for merry making!  Or maybe hell raising?  Perhaps a bit of both.

Come color some amusing autumn activities.   Collecting colorful leaves, attending a festival, decorating for the season, preparing for Halloween and Thanksgiving are but a few of the delights.  Let that special fall feeling motivate you to do more!

Fall coloring pages are great way to connect with the kids while reliving those fun activities you've shared.

Grab those markers, it's time to color the season!

Fall Leaves Coloring Pages

It's that time of year when the tree leaves turn and fall.  Now there's no need to chase those colorful beauties.  I have done that for you!

All you need to do is grab some of these adult coloring pages.  Then get creative with these leaves!

You don't have to stick to Mother Nature's palette.  Dream it and then do it! 

Any color, any pattern.  You're in control!

Pumpkins Signal Fall

The appearance of pumpkins is a sure sign fall is nigh!   Pumpkin starts spicing up everything. Lattes, marshmallows, twinkies, coffee creamer and more. 

They show up at your door as lights and even a source of frights!

Hauling home some prized seasonal fruit you eat or decorate with!

Time to turn those pumpkins into all kinds of fun things!

Maybe make a warm latte?

Or bake it into a decorative, tasty pie for the family?

Or maybe you have a couple of squashes you need to use?  Two pumpkins on a plank and you just can't thank what to do?

How about making them into a couple of silly Halloween gourds?

Maybe you'd rather create a fright light for that night?  Carve your pumpkin into something like this...if you dare!

Scary Jack o'Lantern for your front porch.


Hot on the heels of Halloween comes Thanksgiving!   It's the time we can combine all the awesome fall treats into a huge celebration.

Pumpkins, leaves, flowers, nuts and more!  We decorate with and eat all the wonders of the season.

This clever turkey has decided to go on the lam before he ends up on the plate.

Maybe he'll send a nice Thanksgiving bouquet like below to lessen the blow of his absence?

Drawing of leaves and sunflowers fall decoration.

Fun Fall Festivities

Autumn is a great time for enjoying the outdoors.  How about a trip to a harvest festival, farmer's market or maybe tailgating with fellow fans?  The weather's perfect, let's go!

On a beautiful autumn day this could be the way to travel to a...

fun harvest festival!

Where you might take a relaxing ride in the hay or...

marvel at the talent of the juggling clown.

Perhaps you'd like to test your skills on a few games.  Who wouldn't like to toss a ring around one of these cute rubber duckies?

Maybe balloon pop is more your style?  Aim that dart well!

Or are you a fan of the cornhole game?  Maybe tossing bean bags is your idea of fun?

The local farmer's market is another fun autumn activity.  There you'll find the bounty of the season.  Fruits, vegetables, and nuts galore in store!

In the mood for a sweet treat?  Maybe you'll find some candy or caramel apples to satisfy your craving.

If you are a big fan of your local football team, then you have a favorite autumn activity.   Tailgating!

Drawing of a football tailgating seasonal scene.

Here's a fan celebrating a touchdown while tailgating!

A fan enjoying tailgating.

These are just a few of the autumn activities available.  Go out and enjoy them while you can.  The cold weather will soon be here!

How to use Fall Coloring Pages

Sure, it's fun to color but there's more to be gained. 

  • Relax and enjoy some creative alone time
  • Fun and educational activity for kids/grandkids
  • Opportunity for family bonding 
  • Create art that doubles as seasonal decorations

No doubt you can think of more ways to use your pages!

Quick Coloring Tips

Just how do you achieve those beautiful fall colors?   Fall is all about the orange, red, yellow and brown.

  1. You'll need to work with your lightest color first then slowly blend in the darker color
  2. Yellow is the lightest so start with it. Lay down a nice bed or base
  3. Now work in a bit of orange or red
  4. Bring in the brown for shading to get that authentic autumn atmosphere

If you need inspiration, ask Google for a picture of the subject of your coloring page!

I created these fun fall coloring pages for you and your loved ones to enjoy.  Gave you some suggestions for using the pages and threw in a quick coloring tip.

Now all you need to do is click on your favorite pic(s), print it out, and get ready to have some real fun! 

Happy, calm coloring adventures.  Come back soon for more adult coloring pages.

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