Color Canine Clowns: Funny Dog Pictures

Shar Pei looking sharp in his stylish tie.

I bet you enjoy looking at funny dog pictures. 

Well, now you can do more than just look. 

You can color canine clowns.

Take a gander at these humorous hounds dressed like people. 

These pages of wacky wolf wannabes will surely tickle your funny bone.

They posed, risking their dognity, to please you.  Now you owe them. 

Pay them back, color a stack.  I turned their images into coloring pictures so you can.

How to Get Your Free Printable Coloring Page

Ready to color?    Left click on a coloring page and drag it to paint3d or similar.  Color then print .   OR...

Click on the black and white drawing. You'll need a pdf reader to open the coloring page.  Look for the printer icon on the right side(top) of the page. Click on the icon.

Don't have a pdf reader?  Get one free by clicking on the Adobe Acrobat link below.

Funny Dog Pictures with Captions

We just can't help ourselves.  Some of us are driven to dress our pooches like people.

Hats, sweaters, dresses, ties.  Whatever it takes to feed our need to make them look like us.

Fortunately, the dogs seem to dig it.  Or are they just resigned to their fate?

Maybe they sense the joy their clowning around brings us. 

What do you think? 

I think if they don't maul you, they don't mind. 

Dog with Harley hat and goggles on.

Dog at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Bike Week 12 May 2007 by Larry Grubbs.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License.
Coloring picture of dog with harley hat and doggles on at Myrtle Beach South Carolina Bike Week. Based on photo by Larry Grubbs.

This little guy looks like he's spotted some cool cat getting a littttttle too close to his bike.

The basset hound on the left looks bewildered by his buddy's face.

Two basset buddies in the backyard.

Bizarre basset hound coloring page.

Dude!  Your face...stay outta the sun!

Looks like this poor pooch is begging for a bit more time to to rest.

Big gray dog wearing a pink hat.

Line drawing of a dog wearing a hat.

Big dog with hat coloring picture at

Please...just five more minutes, just five , c'mon pleeeeeeeeease!

I think our Shar Pei friend has a case of buyer's remorse.

Shar Pei wearing a tie coloring page at

"Sure, when I tried it on at Jos. A Barks this tie looked great but now...I'm not so sure."    "Does it make me look fat?"

Cute aren't they?  Pooches puttin' on the person.  Well, made to dress up like us.

Hey, they're part of the family.  Gotta look the part, don't they

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