Lotus Flower or Water Lily

Lotus flowering

The lotus flower and the water lily, two pond plants that produce gorgeous blossoms.  Now you can color these peace-inducing plants!

Come create your own tranquil scene.  Color these beautiful blossoms. Enjoy a few minutes away from your cares.

Lotus Flower Coloring Pages

Wary alligatorGator guarding bank near blossoms.

I needed a few photos to create lotus flower coloring pictures.  So I took a little trip to where this fellow dwells, Brazos Bend State Park. 

Found him and my flowers by the trail.  Looks like the lotus and the gator like the same type of habitat.

He eyed me but graciously allowed me to photograph his garden.  Thanks Mr. Gator!

Here are the results...

Fully Opened Blossoms with Bud

Blooming lotus.
Fully opened lotus blossom.

Partially Opened Lotus Blossom

Partially open lotus.

Open Flower with Two Buds

Lotus with two buds.

Lotus Seed Pod

Lotus seed pod.

Water Lilly

Water lily blossoms.Lilies in my pond.

Did not have to bother any creatures with big teeth to get photos for water lily coloring pages!  Grew these beauties in my pond.

You can too, if you have a pond or a container garden.  They're very easy to grow.  You might want to try it sometime.

Frogs do actually sit on the lily pads!  Another benefit of growing them.

Here are the pics for your coloring pleasure...

Two Water Lily Blossoms

Two water lily blossoms.

Single Blossom Closeup

Water lily blossom.

Water Lilies and Goldfish

Water lilies and fish.

Thanks to a generous Wikimedia donor I was able to create this coloring page.  The local wildlife ate all my goldfish. :(

That's all the pond plant pics for now.  Thanks for stopping by!

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