Sea Turtle Coloring Page

Sea turtle swimming with sharks.Jimmy cruising the Albuquerque Aquarium.

What can you say about sea turtles?  Their cute and vulnerable, right?  They need our help.

My sea turtle coloring page can help you spread the word about your favorite ocean dweller!  Let your colorful creations do the talking.

Share them.  Post the problems.  Help save the sea turtles!

Or just enjoy them.

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Click on the black and white drawing. You'll need a pdf reader to open the coloring page.  Look for the printer icon on the right side(top) of the page. Click on the icon.

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Marine Turtle Troubles

Major troubles abound for marine turtle populations.  Why?  Because...

Some of us depend on their meat and eggs.  Others enjoy them as a delicacy.

We catch them in our nets.  Many drown.

We use the same beaches.  But don't always play well together.

Tortiseshell, made from the hawksbill sea turtle, was/is used to make fine items.

We eat them, wear them and decorate our hair with them.

Looks like we're loving these poor creatures to death! 

Fortunately, many countries have banned these practices.  But others...

Sea Turtle Coloring Pages

Drawing of a green sea turtle checking out the photographer.
Sea turtle drawing colored.

Here's a curios green turtle cruising up to the camera.  Not a shy guy is he?

These turtles can weigh as much as 700 pounds and grow to 5 feet in length, according to the National Geographic web site.

No wonder he's not shy!

Hawksbill Turtle

Drawing of a hawksbill turtle visiting a reef.
My hawksbill drawing colored.

This hawksbill turtle is hanging out at her favorite reef.  She's probably looking for a delicious sponge or jellyfish snack.

The hawksbill are considered critically endangered.

Green Turtle

Drawing of a green turtle swimming along a reef.

This green turtle is swimming over a reef in the warm waters off of the coast of Mexico. 

Our chelonian friends enjoy some of the same sea as we.

Baby Turtle

Loggerhead hatchling drawing.
My drawing of a baby loggerhead colored in.

This tiny baby loggerhead is making her dash for the ocean!  She has to dodge many dangers to get there.

And once there her chances of survival to adulthood are slim.

Turtle Hazards

Sea turtle exiting a net drawing.
Turtle using an excluder to get free of shrimp net colored.

This lucky loggerhead is ducking death thanks to a turtle excluder.  Trapped, she may have drowned before the net was hauled in. 

Fortunately for her, she lives to see another day!

Drawing of a sea turtle trapped in a ghost net.
Color version of turtle trapped in net coloring page.

This little lady may not be so lucky.  She's tangled up in a ghost net. These unattended nets trap all kinds of sea creatures.

There's little chance of escape with out help. 

Up Close!  Sea Turtle Coloring Page

Leatherback turtle face up close.

Gorgeous, isn't she?  Hmmm...interesting anyway.  Up close and personal with a leatherback turtle.   It's safer this way!

They can grow as large as 1500 pounds.  That's more than half a  ton of turtle.  That would take a lot of coloring, this picture not so much.


Here's handsome Albuquerque Jim for your coloring pleasure.  If you can go see him in person, do so.  He lives in a fun place to visit!

Sea turtle swimming with three sharks.

Want To Help?

Here are a few organizations that work with marine turtles.  Check them out!

Sea Turtle, Inc.

Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue

Cairns TRC

Lampedusa Turtle Rescue

Centro Mexicano de la Tortuga

Our favorite sea-going reptiles face many challenges.  Are you willing to help them?  Then they might just stand a chance!  Do your bit.  Help keep them fit and swimming free.

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Sources: Facts-Wikipedia  Wikimedia: Hosts NOAA photos used to create coloring pictures.

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