Easter Coloring Pages Sacred to Silly

Cross made from Easter lilies and other flowers.Lovely flower covered Easter cross.

Rejoice!  Easter coloring pages to help you celebrate the season.  Beautiful crosses to commemorate.  Bunnies  eggs, and animals that spring to life when you complete them!

Color in your favorite picts and share them with everyone.  Spread the joy!

Easter Crosses

A selection of beautiful crosses covered with flowers to help you proclaim the wonder.

These are created from vintage postcards found on Wikimedia.

Angels of Easter

Here are two angels celebrating Christ's Resurrection.

Easter Eggs

Fun to dye, fun to find!  Eggs of plastic, real or precious.  We love them all.

Colored drawing of a Faberge egg.The dream Easter egg!

Now this is the egg all jewelry lovers can only dream of finding!  An Easter coloring page made from a photo of a Faberge egg. 

It contains a replica of the Russian Imperial crown.  Pearls, gold, diamonds, rubies and lapis lazuli, oh my!

Here are a few for you.  One from the White House hunt.   The second is a scene from a vintage postcard.   Then there's the fab Faberge egg.

Easter Baskets

Easter baskets are a vital part of the celebration!   The bunny needs somewhere to deposit your treats.  And you sure can't race around hunting for eggs without one!

So here's a couple of adult coloring pages with baskets.  Go ahead, color one!

Animal Easter Coloring Pages

Easter cows?  Well, there's at least one, she's known as Gladys.  She's solid moo chocolate!   Mmmmmmm, I want her! 

Bunnies, chicks and ducks too.  Maybe these are more for you? 

Maybe some ducks in their Easter finery parading?   Or a busted bunny?  Or a happy bunny waving?  Or three trying to deliver an over-sized egg?  Or a cute newly hatched chick  symbolizing the season?

Chocolate Easter Bunny cowHoly Cow, it's solid milk chocolate!

Why the Easter Bunny is a Wary Wabbit

Ever wonder why the Easter bunny is so shy?  Well, many years ago one bad egg nearly spoiled Easter for everybody!   And here she is in action...

See what I mean?  She's taking more Easter eggs than she can carry!  The little miss is even dropping some as she greedily grabs for more.

Look at the bewildered bunny!  Is it any wonder he doesn't hand out treats in person anymore? 

Her terrible behavior nearly broke the bunny!  Now he darts in and deposits. 

Sure he makes a few appearances at the mall or other places.  But come Easter, that bunny and his basket covertly convey the comestibles.

Celebrate the rebirth with one or more of these Easter coloring pages!  Or move on to...

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