Marine Fish: Reef and Deep Ocean Dwellers

Blue ribbon eel

Marine fish are fascinating creatures. Colorful resident reef fish are easy on the eye.  While strange denizens of the deep amaze with their weirdness!

Here are some examples of the enchanted marine life that swims below the waves.  Finned wonders that need your talent to complete them.

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Coral Reefs: Multitudinous Marine

The tropical reefs are home to some of the most beautiful fish in the world!  Their bright colors.  Their intricate patterns.  Such diversity! 

You may have shared their ocean neighborhood.  Maybe you visited a public aquarium.

Now you can see them whenever you wish.  Here are few of those reef inhabitants waiting to dazzle you!

I've colored some examples to help you make sense of all those lines. ;)

There will be many more marine fish coloring pages to come!

Clown Fish or Clown Anemone

Clown fish drawing colored in.
Clown fish hiding in an anemone.

This little orange fish is famous for being lost.  But he's lost no more!  Fortunately, he's safe at home in his anemone.

Blue Tang

Drawing of a Blue tang fish swimming amongst coral.
Blue Tang drawing colored in.

Isn't she adoryble?  And so friendly too!  She helps find, then becomes best bud's with that orange guy. 

Too bad her memory isn't as vivid as her colors.

Moray Eel

Moray eel drawing colored green and black.
Drawing of a moray eel emerging from his cave.

This snake-like fish doesn't deal well with den crashers.  And has been known to bite the hand that's foolish enough to feed him. 

This guy has poor sight but a powerful bite (Wikipedia). So keep your distance and you'll keep your fingers!

I was going to say that that is the morayeel of the story.  But decided that was just too corny!  ;)

Ribbon Eel

Ribbon eel drawing.

eel no background

The ribbon eel is a close relative of the feisty fellow above.  But it only grows to be about  three-feet long.

Seems it's pretty popular with the aquarium crowd.  The bright colors do make it easy on the eye!  But it can be very difficult to keep alive according to many articles.

Soooo, why not color yourself a copy of this blue ribbon eel coloring page?? 

It won't bite.  You don't have to feed it.  And if it stinks, you can try again!

Cozumel Toadfish

This colorful fish is also known as a splendid toadfish.   Normally toadfish are kinda dull or camouflaged.  Not this one!

This bright creature is only know to inhabit coral reefs and caves around Cozumel,  Mexico. 

Colorful Cozumel toadfish.
Cozumel toadfish coloring page.

Unfathomable Creatures

Check out these strange fish and other creatures that inhabit the deeper water.  They aren't exactly pretty to behold.  But they are pretty intriguing! 

See for yourself...

Photostomias Guerne:  "Glow Stick Fish"

Now that is one freaky bit of fish! Kinda scary looking, don't you think? Lots of sharp teeth in his big jaw.   

How about that?  He has his very own organic glow stick.  :0 

Wonder if he inspired the inventor of those things?  He sure makes me wish I had one to wave around in the dark!

Fortunately, you don't have to worry about him showing up at your favorite beach!  He lives in the deep, dark depths.  That's why he needs  something to see by.

Deepsea Lizardfish

My lizardfish picture colored as an example.
Deepsea lizardfish waiting for his next meal. Line drawing derived from a NOAA photo on Wikimedia.

This strange fish lurks in the depths, waiting.  It gobbles unsuspecting little shrimp and squid.  Or if it's lucky it finds dead things that have settled on the bottom.

Not pretty but effective.  He helps to keep the place tidy!

Blob Sculpin

This dejected deep-sea dweller is a blob sculpin.  He's a little sad because he was voted world's ugliest creature by the UK Ugly Animal Preservation Society.

Blob sculpin drawing.

World's ugliest seems a bit harsh until you see what they look like out of their environment...

Blobfish on Deck

Drawing of three blobfish.

Hmmmm...beautiful they ain't!  Kinda looks like a little air has been let out of them

BUT, in all fairness, think what a human would look like in their environment!   The pressure there is 100 times higher than the surface according to   Yikes!  

Deep Sea Octopus: Dumbo

Deep sea octopus picture colored in.
Coloring page of a deep sea octopus based on a picture found on Wikimedia.

This deep dweller was filmed in the Gulf of Mexico by NOAA.  Not your ordinary octopus, is it?

No long tentacles for this guy!  Short and stubby must be better for operating down there.

Notice the appendage(s) near the eye?  Those are for swimming.  They look like ears but function like oars.

And that's why this little guy is affectionately known as Dumbo!

How can you resist coloring a page with such a cute subject?

Graneledone Verrucosa

You resisted the cute one now deal with the warty one!  This guy lives in the briny deep like Dumbo.  But he's a bit bumpy, not so cute.   Maybe even a bit aggressive?

Idk.  Looks like he has his dukes up ready for a fight, maybe.  Or maybe you just look tasty and he coming for you!

So that's just a few of the marvelous marine fish and other dwellers.  I'll be transforming more of them into coloring pages soon. 

Oh, by the way, could you put the finishing touches on these pictures while you're waiting?  Thanks!

Hope you enjoy them before they enjoy you.  ;)

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Facts Source for this Page: Wikipedia

Coloring Pages derived from photos found on Wikimedia and NOAA.

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