St. Patrick's Day Coloring Page

Leprechaun sitting in a pot of gold.This smiley, yet wily fellow's not likely to share that gold!

Irish or not a St. Patrick's Day coloring page will make you dance a jig!  Or at least put you in the mood for a bit of corned beef and cabbage.  Green beer then?

Whatever you like to do on the day, don't forget to do some coloring of the green!  Shamrocks with sayings, holiday greetings or St. Paddy himself await you.

Do some adult coloring pages for a wee bit of free fun!

St. Patrick Himself!

St. Patrick himself.The Saint, himself, sending the snakes away!

The man himself, Patron Saint of Ireland!  He's said to be the one who imported Christianity to the Isle.

In this picture, derived from a vintage postcard, he's driving the snakes out of Ireland.  Just one of the many myths that surround him.        (Source: St. Patrick Biography Encyclopaedia Britannica)

Shamrocks or Clovers

Shamrock with kiss me I'm Irish in the colors of the Irish flag.Wear one of these, we're all Irish on that day!

So what's the fascination with shamrocks on St. Patrick's Day?   This clover with three leaves is the official flower of Ireland!

Plus the Patron Saint of Ireland is said to have used this plant to illustrate the idea of three beings in one God.

So shamrocks are a powerful symbol in √Čire (Ireland).

Powerful fun to color, I think!

Here are some more fun pics with shamrocks to color.

The harp is kinda classy.  How about wishing you friends a truck full o'luck?

St. Patrick's Day Coloring Page Wishes for you to Share!

Here's a selection of fun "cards"  filled with good wishes for the day.

St.Patrick's Day jig coloring page.Let's join him in the jig to celebrate the fun day!

Dance a jig to celebrate the holiday.  No energy or dancing skill?  Color the page instead.  Send a greeting to your friends!  Have fun.


St. Patrick's Day Greetings with smoking pipes and shamrocks.Light them up for the celebration, if you dare!

This adult coloring page was created from a vintage postcard.  Not sure this Irish motif would still be popular today but..I'm leaving that decision in your hands!

I had fun coloring in this page, I know you will too.

Lucky Leprechaun!

This little fellow has beaten us to the gold!  Do you think he might be inclined to share?

Think you have trick him to get it.  Any ideas????

Lucky leprechaun guarding his gold.Leprechaun parked on his pot...of gold!

Haven't found your pot of gold?  A bit of Irish luck is all you need.  Travel to Ireland, catch yourself a leprechaun and take his!  Simple.

On second thought, that might be a tad difficult to do.  It's way easier (and less tiring) to catch yourself a copy to color!  Go ahead, do it.

Time to grab your favorite St. Patrick's Day coloring page and get coloring!

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