Fall Into Thanksgiving Coloring Pages!

Vintage Thanksgiving dinner.

Gobble up a couple of Thanksgiving coloring pages.  Tint yourself a tubby turkey or a table full of fall food.  Maybe a pilgrim or a cute kid in a vintage scene.

Fun, fall, festive figures for you to print and enjoy.  Thankfully, there's no preparation or cleanup to deal with!  Just a bit of no-calorie holiday fun.

Do one yourself, keep the kids busy or do a page together.  Maybe a coloring contest with a prize?  Let your creativity loose.

Pilgrim Coloring Pages

Pilgrim couple with turkey.
Pilgrim returning home from successful turkey hunt.

Pilgrims, the people who got things started, living off the land.  Here's a couple of adult coloring pages featuring them and their favorite bird.

The coloring page above is based on the painting, The First Thanksgiving, by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris.  Unfortunately, I was unable to capture the people's faces properly! Take a look at the real deal, the people are much better looking.

I hope you enjoy coloring it anyway. 

Turkey Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Tom turkey strutting.
A turkey with a knife and a fork stuck in.

The big birds you like to devour!  A pain to prepare, it's true.  But the mouthwatering leftovers lessen the pain(and increase the gain).

Here are some proud toms that have not yet been chosen(frozen?).  Oh, but their days are numbered. 

Why, because you've spotted the one.  Now color it quick, before it takes wing!

A turkey Pilgrim wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving.

Or maybe you'd like to color this silly fellow trying to hide under a Pilgrim's hat?  This chubby corn-fed gobbler is fooling no one.  Color him for a fun Thanksgiving Day present for family or friends!

Vintage Cornucopia and More

A cornucopia of Thanksgiving bounty along with the Mayflower.
Happy Thanksgiving vintage scene.
A vintage Thanksgiving dinner scene.

How about a cornucopia with the Mayflower?  A cute scene of a young boy and a turkey or maybe a turkey feast?

All these thanksgiving coloring pages are created from vintage images.  A little peek into the past. 

They may be a bit old-fashioned but they're still relevant to this day of celebration.  One day our modern images will be vintage too.

Vintage image of a family Thanksgiving dinner to color.

Indian Corn Coloring Page

Indian Corn is the ancient grain that the Indians taught the Pilgrims to grow.  It's incredibly hard kernels can be red, white or blue in color.

It's beautiful colors makes it a great fall decoration for Thanksgiving time!

Indian corn, nuts and leaves create a fall harvest coloring picture.

If the corn decoration doesn't interest you, maybe this one will.  How about a fall still life?  Pumpkins, leaves, sunflowers and a gourd scream harvest time to me. 

Do you agree?  Ok, then get coloring!

Fall harvest still life to color.

Thanksgiving Cornucopia

Thanksgiving cornucopia overflowing with fall harvest vegetables.

Here's the famous horn of plenty!  This Thanksgiving cornucopia is overflowing with the things (healthy ones) we enjoy when we feast.  Corn, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, squash, apples and grapes.

Of course I had to throw in a nice juicy roasted turkey.  No turkey? No way, that would ruin the day!

Here's a cornucopia close-up.  Just in case you want less horn and more corn detail.

Cornucopia close-up with Thanksgiving dinner ingredients.

Pumpkin Brew

Does Thanksgiving bring out your pumpkin cravings?   Put away the pie and try some brew!  Tap the pumpkin for a refreshing drink.

How about a glass of pumpkin ale or brew?

More Thanksgiving coloring pages will no doubt be added.  Come back and see what's new for you to add to your festive fun time.

Source: Coloring sheets are derived from Wikimedia Public Domain Images or my own photos.

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