Valentine Coloring Pages with Heart

Go ahead my frugal friends, show your love some love with Valentine coloring pages ! 

Personalize some for that incredible creature you adore.

Pick a heart, Cupid, candy or an air mail letter of love.  You can even add your own personal message.

Roses are nice but homemade from the heart is twice as smart!  And wayyyyy less costly. ;

Candy Hearts

Who doesn't love those chalky candy hearts with messages? 


Not so tasty but fun to color for your favorite Valentine(s).

Grab the blank hearts and pour your heart out.  Personalize your passion!

Candy hearts with messages.
Blank candy hearts.

Maybe you'd rather send a box of no-calorie chocolates?  Or whatever candy your Romeo or Juliet desires.

Heart-shaped valentine box of chocolates.

You could write a short message or name on the box.  Get creative and let your love know how you really feel.

Love Letter Valentine Coloring Pages

Let a letter tell your better how you feel.  Go with Be Mine or your own design!  Fill the blank heart balloons with words that will make him/her swoon.

Heart balloons transporting letter.
Be mine coloring page.
Air mail valentine.
Air mail love letter with heart shaped balloons.

Float your friends some fond feelings.  Print one for each of your chums.  Then tailor your valentine coloring pages to express your affection!

Creepy Cupid?

Cupid with a love letter.

Creeped out by Cupid?  Hope not(but I can see why)! ;

Permit this guy to get your love's attention.  He can mail it or nail it with his arrow of love.  Your choice.

Cupid mailing letter.
Cupid with valentine message.
Cupid on the stairs.

I Love You More than!

Cupid too weird for you?  Let a unicorn deliver your message of love.  Better idea, right?

Your "I love you more than..." declaration will have greater appeal coming from an unreal unicorn! 

Let this one-horn wonder convey your passion in stylish fashion. 

Hey, if you can think of any other things a person might love someone more than, let me know.  Maybe I can add your idea to the list!

Hope you found a suitable picture for your Valentine needs.  You shared your feelings and saved your cash!  Win!

Thanks for dropping by!  Check out these pages before you go...

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