Christmas Tree Coloring Page..Tint a Tree!

Colored Christmas tree with ornaments.A lovely tree decorated for Christmas at your house.

Welcome to my Christmas tree coloring page!  Come pick your favorite tree and make it a showpiece.

You'll find an interesting forest of forms.  Some decorated, Some not.  Each tree waiting to be a holiday sensation, unique as you and as beautiful too.

You'll also find some tree toppers and fun ornaments to boot.

22 Christmas Tree Coloring Pages

Scan this collection of fun holiday trees.  There's bound to be one that will yank your Yuletide yearning!

You'll soon see stars, lights and orbs...on the trees... of course.  Don't let the display disorient you.  Keep bravely searching till you find your tree treasure to tint!

Time to leave the trees behind, for now.  Tree toppers or finials and decorations await your approval below.  So let's go!  After you...

Christmas Tree Toppers or Finials

Here's a selection of tree toppers or finials that you can color.  No Noel tree would be complete without one of these!

First up... a classic... The Star of Bethlehem.   The one that led the way so we could enjoy a joyous day!

Looking for something a little different?  How about the glass ornament style?  With a snowman...

or falling stars or

a decorated tree or

or a poinsettia or

or a simple Nativity Scene or

some floating flakes of snow?

  Surely, one of these will set your tree aglow!


Ohh, those fun things we like to buy or make to decorate our tree!  And nothing says Merry Christmas like a dragon.

Looking for a unique tree decoration?  Why not choose this Christmas tree coloring page? 

Ok, you're not feeling the dragon?  Here's a bunch of ornaments and baubles you may find more appealing.

Trees, toppers and baubles decorate this Christmas tree coloring page.  I hope you found some to your liking.  Thanks for visiting!

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