Printable Free Christmas Coloring Pages: For All Ages

Jesus in the manger.Reason for the Season!

Free Christmas Coloring pages contain something for everyone!  Noel-centric images of the season.  A Nativity scene, Santa, angels, Rudolph with attitude and decorations.

Help yourself to one or more!  They're my gift to you.  You'll enjoy a relaxing moment away from the hectic preparations.

Forget your lists and costs.  Show your cares the door.  Unwind...lose yourself in the coloring page.  Focus on you for a few minutes!

Nativity Scene

Nativity scene.

Christmas Angel Coloring Pages

Christmas angel ringing bell.
Angle with song book.
Angel with outstretched arms.
Coloring page derived from Egan Nativity Angel.

These lovely angels are sure to make your spirit take wing.   Color them and know the joy they spread.  Ringing, singing, hugging and guiding!

The ringer is from a vintage postcard and the hugger from a postage stamp from Finland.  The last one is from a photo of a Nativity Angel by Bill Egan.

And now an angel with some Christmas messages.  Hope there's one you like!

Angel carrying Merry Christmas message.

These guys didn't want to miss out on the holiday fun.  So I let them tag along.

The angels on the sled are taken from a stamp from the Ukraine.

Angel with hymn book.
Four angels sledding.


Here's a pic of Jolly Saint Nick working hard in his shop.  Ok, it's obviously from back in the day, waaay back.

Santa building toys in his workshop.

Once he's finished he'll load his blimp and be on his way!  Wait, what?  No sleigh or Rudolph? the guys a day off?   No, blimps or dirigibles were a big deal about a hundred years ago!  So,  I guess you know I used an old pic for this one too.

Santa in a Merry Christmas blimp.
Santa delivering presents via blimp.

Christmas Stocking Pages

Why not grab a stocking picture, color it and hang it up?  Maybe Santa will reward your efforts with a little gift. 

Or make a present of your art to someone special.  Spread the cheer!

Snowman on a stocking.
Cat face on a stocking.
Cat face and paws on stocking.
Meowy Christmas stocking.
Vintage stocking.
T'was the night before Christmas vintage stocking.

Jolly Snowman

Here's a friendly man of snow that signals Christmas is nigh!  Well, if you live in a cold climate.  Along the Gulf coast, it's the arrival of the snow geese that mark the season.

Select Mr. Snow alone or with his tree or cane and color.

Jolly snowman.
Snowman standing in front of a Christmas tree.
Snowman with a candy cane and a peppermint on his hat.

Assorted Free Christmas Coloring Pages

Just added some Merry Christmas sheets that you can decorate.  Left plenty of room for you to add your own touch!

Sorry the images are not categorized but time is running short.   Will get back with more pictures and organize this mess for you!

Here's a jumble of Christmas stuff.    An elf, some presents, ornaments hanging from the tree.  Plus a Santa Jack o' Lantern 'cause nothing says Christmas like a creepy, carved pumpkin, right? 

And then there's Rudolph...

Reindeer Rudolph with candle.

You do not want to meet this Rudolph on a foggy Christmas night or anytime! 

This dude has 'tude.  Or is he possessed? He's certainly lacking the spirit of this season.  Maybe Halloween is more his scene, if you know what I mean.

Rudolph was created from a vintage blow mold decoration.

Why not grab one of the Merry Christmas coloring pages and add a special message?  You know, for that special someone!

Two Christmas ornaments.
Snow covered cottage.
Pile of presents.
Carved pumpkin with Santa hat.
Elf rolling on the floor.
Merry Christmas greeting.

Thank a Service Person this Christmas

Our service members are prepared to give us their greatest gift...their life. 

Why not offer one or many a small gift?  Color the emblem of their branch, sign it and deliver it.

Thank them for keeping us free and at peace!

Merry Christmas wish with Santa holding U.S. Army emblem.
Merry Christmas wish Marine Corp emblem.
Wish a Navy member Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas to an air force member.
Merry Christmas Space Force emblem.

Ho, ho ho! Time to go.  Gotta make some more adult coloring pages for your holiday enjoyment.

Source:  Images are derived from Wikimedia Public Domain images or my own photos.

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