Santa Coloring Pages: Santa Makes the Scene

Christmas cow.Santa Cow is coming to town! Oh, you were expecting Santa Claus? He's here too.

These Santa coloring pages explore the many sides of this guy.  He watches us to see who has been naughty or nice. He sneaks into our homes at night.  He...

Yikes! Who is this guy?  Good question! 

You think you know him but do you?  Do you really?'ll see he's a tricky old elf.

Santa Coloring Pages

Here's a pic of Jolly Saint Nick working hard in his shop.  Ok, this Santa scene is obviously from back in the day, waaay back.  

Once he's finished he'll load his blimp and be on his way!  Wait, what?  No sleigh or Rudolph? the guys a day off?   No, blimps or dirigibles were a big deal about a hundred years ago!  So,  I guess you know I used an old pic for this one.

Speaking of old...let's take a look back and see where Santa reallly got his start.  You may have heard of St. Nick, not the tricky old elf, the generous saint.

Saint Nicholas

The story of Santa began loooong ago.  That's St. Nicholas below. 

He was charitable toward the poor, not the norm in his time (270-343 AD).  He also performed miracles. 

So he was a great role model.  He was the first Santa Claus!

Over time he became known as St. Nick, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, Santa Claus etc.

With new names came new looks!

Jolly Old Elf

He's usually a cheery fellow.  Maybe a little elf-like.

He's usually smiling while he works tirelessly to bring us our gifts!

Maybe he's shown in his sleigh.  Speaking of sleighs...

Let's take a look at Santa's transportation.

Santa's Sleigh Ride

Some of his favorite ways to travel make fun Santa coloring pages for adults or kids.

Reindeer pulling his sleigh...a classic!

Here he is posing with one of his reindeer just prior to launching his sleigh to bring Christmas your way!

Santa and reindeer in the snow.

Santa and a reindeer with a background.

Here's another way Santa pulled his sleigh back in the day.  Goat power!  

A Yule goat, bread-powered sled, got those gift where they needed to go in Scandinavia.  Apparently, he's still delivering this way  today!

A snail-powered sleigh? Hmmm... don't think this one caught on.  Might be a bit too slow.

Looks like he ditched the snail for a motorcycle!

Apparently ol' Santa isn't afraid of riding some gnarly waves to bring you your Christmas favs.

Smart Car Santa

Out with the old you sleigh, I mean say?  Ok, how about some coloring pages of Santa's smart car sleigh?

There you go!  Check out the personalized plates.  Choose from Santa Claus, Kris Kringle, Father Christmas or St. Nicholas.

Santa Claus smart car sleigh.
Kris Kringle modern sleigh.
Father Christmas reindeer replacement.
St. Nicholas' mini-sleigh.

Simple or Silly Santa

What's that?  You just want a simpler drawing of Santa to color?  How about an Owl Claus bearing gifts,  or a smiling Santa face or maybe an outline of Santa with a tree beard?

Simple Santa coloring pages for you to enjoy!

Those coloring pages might be simple but Santa's not!  Let's explore his darker side? Wait...he has a darker side?

Santa has a Dark Side?

You've seen his nice side.  Does he have a bad side? decide. 

Here's a very old image of Father Christmas.  He represented the Spirit of Christmas, he didn't bring gifts like Santa.

That's nice but he still looks a bit scary to me.  Not sure I'd want him showing up at my house.  But I guess if he's bringing the party spirit, I could overlook his dark vibe.  How about you?

He's looking a little crazy in this picture,  but his message is a good one.  Safety first is definitely not dark.

He's been caught sneaking into homes at night.  Usually that's a creepy and dark thing to do.   But he's there to leave gifts not take them! 

Read on... there's more.

Remember the warning about Santa watching to see who has been naughty?  Ever wonder what he really does to naughty kids?

Look below then you'll know! can't unsee what you are about to see!

He sacks them.  So you better be nice 'cause we still don't know where those sacks go.

You don't want Satan Claws coming to your town looking for youDo you?  I didn't think so.

So as we bid a fond farewell to Santa coloring pages,

we see that he is enjoying a well deserved milk(or is it) and cookie snack. 

Another Christmas is in the bag!   Still don't know where the naughty kids go though...

That's Santa's Secret!  I don't want to know.  Do you????

Hope you enjoyed these adult coloring pages of Santa through the ages.

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