Halloween Coloring Pages

Skeleton holding sign.

Oh, don't let Mr. Bone Jangles scare you. 

He's just a sign of things to come! 

Halloween coloring pagesFright night fun on your computer!

Jack o' lanterns, ghosts, witches and more for you to enjoy.   Turn back now or print some free adult coloring pages, if you dare! 

Do them yourself or share them with the kids. 

Jack o' Lanterns

The carved pumpkin is the quintessential symbol of our special night!  Click on the  jack pic you want to print.

Colored in drawing of a lit Jack o' Lantern.A glowing Jack o'Lantern.

Pumpkin in the patch.

It's hard to believe that this innocent pumpkin peacefully growing in its patch will one day become one of these scary creations!

Carved pumpkins for your Halloween celebration.  Scary, silly, interesting  gourds that have been hacked and slashed for your entertainment!   Enjoy...I don't think they did.   :(

Owl and cat with a giant Jack o' Lantern.
Pumpkin cannibalism.

Some less traditional pumpkins for a bit of a change. Maybe too much change, you tell me.

Like these strange Jack o' Lantern men sitting atop a huge squash.  Looks like the cat in the corner is asking WTF...What Those Fools doing sitting on a squash?

Good question cat!  IDK

The Halloween pumpkin men sitting on a giant squash.

And then there's these trick or treat feet.  Ain't nobody wanna smell no dang feet, sheesh.

Pumpkin feet?
Trick or treat feet.

We just want candy, right?  Here you go no tricks!   Ok, one trick, the candy's not real, sorry.  NOT but kinda.

Colored Halloween pumpkin lantern candy bucket.

Who doesn't dream of a Jack o' Lantern bucket overflowing with tasty treats? 

I do...mmmmmm...handsfull of chocolate!  Pardon my drool. 

Jack o' Lantern candy bucket
Friendly scarecrow vintage.

Maybe you've been searching for an adult coloring page featuring an amiable scarecrow?  What a coincidence, I just created one!  Your welcome. ;) 

This friendly, old guy is from a vintage greeting card I discovered on Wikimedia.

Or maybe an adult coloring page with a little more sinister vegetable man is more to your liking?  Surprise! 

Oh, you aren't surprised to find that I just created one?  You're just too smart. ;)

Meet Psycho Jack.  But don't turn your back.  He's a little wack.

Psychotic-looking pumpkin man.

Ghosts! Coloring Pages

Choose a frightening phantom or a goofy ghost.  Whichever you prefer the most!

Don't worry, if your choice haunts you, come back I won't taunt you.   Neither will they, they just want to play!


Ghost wearing a boo shirt.

Friendly ghost wearing a boo shirt.
Friendly ghost.
Horrified ghost rising from the grave.
Surprised ghost.
Phantom in a cape.
Sheet ghost.

And where might these ghosts and ghouls reside?  In a haunted house, of course!

Witch Halloween Coloring Pages

We've got wicked or whimsical, take your choice!

Witch riding on a carved pumpkin.

Which witch to pick?  That's the trick.  You have to decide which crone to color!

Friendly witch.
Witch riding on a broom.
Silohuette of a witch on a broom.
Witch driving bats.
Witch brewing a potion.
Profile of a witch flying on her broom.


You WILL color ME!  NOW!

Devil with pitchfork.
Devil and flames drawing to color.

Skulls and Stuff Halloween Coloring Pages

Skulls and miscellaneous stuff for creepy(ish) coloring pages.  Stuff so awesome it defies categorization! 

Too much?  Ok, I just couldn't think of anything else to say.

Now I've added a vampire bat, what do you think about that?  A ghoulish bloodsucker...scary. 

Comical skull.

Silly skull with bow tie.
Frankenstein monster.
Detailed skull.
Human skull.
Specter holding a sign.
Apparition with a warning.
Boo word.
Lagoon creature looking for you!
Skull wearing a cowboy hat.
A skull wearing a baseball cap.

That's it for now.  Hope you weren't too frightened by these horrible Halloween hints of things to come.  Come for you, that is!  So beware!  Wahahahahaha!

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