Halloween Coloring Pages

Skeleton holding sign.

Oh, don't let Mr. Bone Jangles scare you. 

He's just a sign of things to come! 

Halloween coloring pagesFright night fun on your computer!

Jack o' lanterns, ghosts, witches and more for you to enjoy.   Print some free adult coloring pages! 

Do them yourself or share them with the kids. 

Jack o' Lanterns

The carved pumpkin is the quintessential symbol of our special night!  Click on the tiny jack pic you want to print.

Colored in drawing of a lit Jack o' Lantern.

Jack o' Lantern
Carved pumpkin.
Jack o' Lantern feet.
Trick or Treat feet.


Choose a goofy ghost or a frightening phantom!

Ghost wearing a boo shirt.

Friendly ghost wearing a boo shirt.
Friendly ghost.
Surprised ghost.
Horrified ghost rising from the grave.
Phantom in a cape.


We've got wicked or whimsical, take your choice!

Witch riding on a carved pumpkin.

Witch driving bats.
Silohuette of a witch on a broom.
Friendly witch.
Witch riding on a broom.


Devil with pitchfork.
Devil and flames drawing to color.

Skulls and Stuff Halloween Coloring Pages

Skulls and miscellaneous stuff for creepy(ish) coloring pages.  Stuff so awesome it defies categorization! 

Too much?  Ok, I just couldn't think of anything else to say.

Comical skull.

Silly skull with bow tie.
Frankenstein monster.
Detailed skull.
Human skull.
Specter holding a sign.
Apparition with a warning.
Boo word.

That's it for now.  Hope you weren't too frightened by these horrible Halloween hints of things to come.  Come for you, that is!  So beware! 

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